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Back to School Dental Tips

Top 5 Oral Health Tips for Children:

1. Daily Brushing Routine: Dentists recommend children brush teeth morning and night.

2. A little floss goes a long way: The tiny gaps between teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach make a perfect hiding place for food particles and bacteria. Daily flossing removes these bacteria and food particles from between teeth.

3. Yearly visit: Prevention is always better than cure and regular dental examinations can catch any problems early and help maintain a healthy mouth.

4. What not to Drink: Drinking soft drinks, sports drinks and even fruit juice coats your mouth with sugar for bacteria to feed on and produce acid that attacks tooth enamel. Drinking tap water not only rinses out your mouth, but it doesn’t contain any cavity causing acid and the added benefit of fluoride can prevent dental decay.

5. Sports Safety: It is imperative that children wear a mouthguard when participating in high impact sports.

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