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Why You Should Wear A Mouthguard When Playing Sport

Mouth Guards. Anyone who plays a sport that carries a major risk of a knock to the face should wear a mouthguard. 

Wear a mouthguard while playing and training. Also wear it when doing fun activities like rollerblading, skateboarding, mountain bike riding, trampolining and horse riding to protect your smile.

A mouthguard can help cushion a strong blow to the face that otherwise might result in an injury to the mouth. It acts as a shock absorber protecting the teeth and lower jaw from breaking and prevents you from accidentally biting your lips, tongue or cheeks.

Only a third of children aged 5-17 years wear a mouthguard while playing organised sports, even though other protective materials such as helmets are common. 

Make sure your smile is protected. Contact us today to discuss mouthguards for yourself or your child.

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