Cerec Single Visit Crowns

Cerec - Single Visit Crowns

Your local dentist can be your knight in shining armor when you least expect it. The thing is, most people hardly value dentists until they experience a sleepless night of pure toothache pain. Others go there to have their teeth transformed to make their smiles more appealing.

Whatever your reasons are, this post seeks to light your bulb on CEREC. It will further reveal how the procedure is and why you need it.

But first things first, CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CERAMIC is a quick, easy, and effective dentistry method where you get to visit your local dentist with your damaged tooth and walk out the same day, having received all the dental repair services you needed.

How does CEREC work?

Once you are at your local dentist, and you are at ease, your dentist will not require an impression of your mouth. All it takes is a digital scan of the prepared tooth. The scan is uploaded to the CEREC software, after which a virtual model of your mouth is created.

With a single block using CAD-CAM technology, the restoration is milled from a single block. At this point, it is polished and inserted on the same day.

How can CEREC help you?

Save your time

With CEREC, single-visit crowns are made a reality. Usually, these procedures take at least two trips to your local dentist. But with CEREC, you can get everything done in a day. 

Highly economical

You cannot compare the lifespan of CEREC with that of traditional ways of restoring teeth. These two are worlds apart.  CEREC opts for a single block of solid ceramic materials that make it more durable than when pressed ceramic and metal are used. Hence with CEREC, you can see the value for your money.

Also, making one trip to the dentist not only saves you time but even money. 

Restores your confidence

Teeth are a vital element in the social life of every individual. You don’t have to smile with your lips sealed all the time. You will get a long-lasting and beautiful feel. 

In conclusion

Healthy teeth are a vital part of oral health. CEREC ensures that this is attainable in a day. Martin Dentist Dentures are your go-to dentists. After your visit, you walk out there beautiful and bold.

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