Childrens Oral Health

Children’s Oral Health

Caring for your child’s health is your #1 priority. Most parents dutifully make regular checkup appointments with their family doctor, but did you know that your child’s oral health can affect their overall health? It’s true.

Monitoring your child’s oral care, teaching them how to brush, and watching their diet are all steps you can take to ensure good oral health habits from a young age.

Begin by setting a good example, brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Make sure the family diet isn’t filled with too many sweets and sugar. Add tooth-cleansing snacks like apples and celery to their diet. Suggest water as the go-to beverage choice over sugary soda. Finally, make sure you choose a reputable family dentist to begin professional care at a young age.

Some young children may be frightened by the lab coats and scary equipment at a dentist’s office. In the skilled hands of an experienced dental office staff like Martin Dentist Dentures, you won’t need to worry. We know how to relax your young ones and make the visit both fun and informative.

Spotting the development of tooth decay is also important when monitoring your child’s oral health. If your child has tooth pain or sore gums, a matte white line along the bottom of the tooth, or dark spots, it’s time for a dental exam. Cavities form quickly and need to be taken care of straight away.

Of course, avoiding tooth decay in the first place should be the primary goal. Other things you can do to prevent tooth decay are not giving your bottle-fed child a bottle at bedtime. This can lead to tooth damage.

If your child uses an asthma inhaler, make sure they are brushing their teeth twice a day minimum. Inhalers can contain acidic powders that damage teeth.

Watch cold and cough medicine intake as well. Many brands contain excess sugar to make them taste better for children.

Lastly, avoid sugary sports drinks and too many sodas. They do untold damage to teeth that can easily be avoided.

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