Preventative Dentistry Keeps Your Teeth Clean

Preventative Dentistry Keeps Your Teeth Clean

Caring for your health also means caring for your teeth. It’s one of the most important things you can do to protect your overall well-being. Bad oral hygiene has been linked to the following:

Periodontal issues

Tooth Loss

Breakdown of enamel


Bad breath

While brushing and flossing from an early age and continuing these good habits throughout your life will stave off serious problems, it can never replace the thorough inspection and cleaning of a qualified dental hygienist. 

Biannual visits to your dental professional will be a boon to your overall health. You’ll receive an exam of teeth, gums, and mouth tissue.  Professional cleaning of tartar from the teeth and crevices between teeth with the latest technology will help prevent cavities and bad breath, as well as the yellow build-up that diminishes your bright smile. Your dental professionals have the know-how to keep your smile healthy and bright as you continue best practices on your own.

Other benefits  of preventative dentistry include:

Information about how diet, smoking, and life choices can affect your dental health

Professional check for initial signs of mouth or gum cancer

Full mouth x-rays

Preventative fluoride treatments

To keep good oral hygiene going after your dental visits, be sure to watch your intake of acidic fruit juices, sticky sweets, candies, and avoid smoking.

You only get one set of teeth to last a lifetime. Taking good care of them by your own good habits and regular cleanings by your dentist will keep them strong and bright throughout your life.

If you haven’t set up a regular tooth cleaning schedule with your dentist, contact us today and we’ll create a regular schedule to get your teeth back in tip-top shape. 

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