Boost Your Confidence with Dentures

Missing Teeth? Boost Your Confidence with Dentures

If you’ve lost one or more teeth during your adult life, you’re not alone. As many as 1 out of 2 people after the age of 30 have missing teeth due to gum disease, trauma, infection, or injury. Sometimes if several teeth are missing, it can greatly affect one’s confidence and social life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dentures have been around for decades but they aren’t your granddad’s version. Modern advances in materials and technique have made dentures more comfortable and stable than in years past. And if you’ve lost teeth, they can be a boon to your health by preventing further tooth and bone loss.

These new ultra-modern dentures can provide you with the confidence you’ve been lacking. Here’s how:

  •       Improved speech ability. Missing teeth can often affect your ability to speak and enunciate words clearly. This can sometimes cause a lack of confidence in social situations. By having a dental professional craft a set of modern dentures that fit precisely in your mouth, you’ll finally be able to speak as you would like.
  •       Eat foods you like. Depending on how many teeth you are missing, eating certain foods can be problematic or even painful. With modern dentures sitting securely in your mouth you can enjoy all the foods you want anytime you want.
  •       Look young again. Missing teeth cause gum problems, jaw bone deterioration, and sometimes more tooth loss. This causes the cheeks to sink in and give you a drawn appearance which is aging. Wearing personalized dentures gives you back the natural fullness to your face that tooth loss takes away. And we all know what looking younger can do for one’s confidence level.

Dentures can be a boon to your health, confidence, and social life. If you’re considering dentures and want more information about your options, please contact Martin Dentist & Dentures today.

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