Children Should See a Pediatric Dentist by Age 2

Your child’s oral development is important to monitor and your dental professional can keep records of your child’s development. They know how the mouth cavity, jawbone, and teeth should be aligned and they can make sure your child is developing properly.

Choose a licensed and qualified pediatric dentist. They are educated in the anatomy and physiology of developing infants and toddlers and are the best partners to have for your child’s oral health and development.

Pediatric dentists are also skilled in reassuring and calming your child so a visit to the dentist won’t be something they fear all their lives. With the proper introduction to dental professionals and oral health, your child is more likely to develop excellent dental care habits that last.

The Benefits of Early Dental Visits

  •       Extensive information for you as a parent. Learn proper techniques for mouth cleaning, teething, feeding, pacifier habits, thumb-sucking habits, and more. You can also get answers to all your oral health questions related to your child.
  •       Oral health checks. By beginning a regular schedule of dental visits you will give your child the best possible chance at having great teeth and healthy gums.
  •       Prevent decay. Regular cleaning of teeth as they come in will keep the gums healthy as well.

Prepare Your Child

Talk to your child about going to the dentist and explain why it is important in terms they will understand. Create a positive association with dental visits now. Do not discuss any painful associations like drilling or shots. Speak about it with a positive tone and no trace of dread.

For more information about your child’s first dental check and how to prepare, contact the dental professionals at Martin Dentist Dentures today.