Reliable Dental Services in Adelaide SA

At Martin Dentist Dentures, our practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care regardless of whether you need a simple routine treatment or cosmetic dentistry like teeth whitening and dental implants. For more than 50 years now, our dental clinic has been family owned and operated and continues to be one of the most recommended dental clinics in Adelaide SA. We have a firm commitment to excellence and provision of personal, consistent care for patients on a continuing long term basis. Our belief is everyone should have a healthy and attractive smile and dental disease is almost completely preventable. Contact us today for gap-free children’s dental services. 

Our Services

Our dentist understands that many people, not only kids, fear going to the dentist. It is for this reason that our clinic has been set to help you relax and enjoy a pain-free treatment. In our clinic, you will actually forget that you are in a dental clinic. Our team is committed to providing excellent dental services with comfort, compassion, and safety. Visit us to see how we use progressive methods and a caring approach to oral health. 

Don’t let the broken, rotten or crooked tooth rob you of your peace of mind. Our team is committed to offering the treatment you need not only to look good but also to boost your self-esteem. Our dentist will help with:

When it comes to general dentistry, there is no case that is too complicated for us. We have decades of experience treating adults and kids and have invested in modern equipment so as to offer you the best treatment in Adelaide SA. Earn your beautiful smile back by coming to us. We are here for you if you need an emergency dentist too and we accept medicare.